Pet Agreement - Bauer's Spruce Island Chalets

I (We), the undersigned, do hereby agree to abide by the following pet policy while staying at Bauers Spruce Island Chalets:

  • Pets will be walked on leashes at all times while outside.
  • Pets will not be left alone in the Willows, Ponderosa, or the Blue Spruce, unless they are in pet carriers and the carriers are placed in the back of the house (bathroom or bedroom).
  • Pets will never be left alone in the Conifer, Evergreen, Columbine, or Aspen.
  • Pets will not be allowed to bark and disturb other guests.
  • Pet owners will clean up feces after their pets and place it in the trash dumpster located at the southwest end of the circle.
  • Pet owners will pay for all damages to the house and/or property.
  • Pet owners will be charged $30.00 per pet per night while staying at Bauers Spruce Island Chalets.
  • Pet owners and their pets will immediately vacate the premises upon any infraction of the above sated rules when requested by the owners and/or managers.
  • PET OWNERS WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL VISITING PETS IN ADDITION TO THEIR OWN, and all of the above items will apply to any and all visiting pets.
  • Walk pets up hill, behind cabins - not in center yard.
  • Only pets allowed are dogs. Absolutely no cats allowed in units at any time.